Monday 14 June 2010

Myth-Busting Monday: Do your parents have to know about your abortion?

Every Monday EFC busts myths and take names, cutting through the misinformation, disinformation, and straight up nonsense to bring you the facts.

Young people under 16 have the right to confidential advice on contraception and abortion. Medical professionals will help a young person to explore the benefits of involving a parent or carer in their decision, but must respect a young person’s wish for confidentiality if that is what they choose. (There are some exceptions to confidentiality, such as if a young person is at risk of harming themselves or someone else.) A young woman can be referred for abortion without parental involvement if the doctor believes she is ‘competent’ to make this decision i.e. she has sufficient maturity understanding of the procedure they are requesting.  Most young women under 16 do choose to involve a parent or other adult relative when they have an abortion.

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