Sunday, 27 November 2011

EFC Charity ART sale

This year we're incredibly fortunate that two brilliant artists have offered to support Education For Choice with money from their Christmas art sales.

Lottie Davies
Award winning photographer Lottie Davies, has a range of prints she is selling to fund a new art project of her own, but has generously agreed to donate 25% of Sales to Education For Choice for any sales that come via our blog or twitter @edforchoice


  1. Click on Lottie's website it's packed with large images so be patient while it loads. 
  2. Click in the centre of the Print Sale screen to see the gallery of photos available as prints.
  3. Choose your print from here and then click on Buy Christmas Prints
  4. When you order remember to tell Lottie you'd like her to donate to Education For Choice
Leading British painter Blaise has a range of canvasses of various sizes and has generously agreed to donate 25% of all sales to Education For Choice

  1. Click on Blaise's flickr gallery
  2. Choose the painting you'd like to buy
  3. Email lisa (at) to arrange payment and delivery
  4. Published costs do NOT include p+p

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