Tuesday 11 June 2013

Become a pro-choice pal and support EFC

We all know someone who has had an abortion. A third of women in the UK will access the procedure at some point in their lives, yet it remains a subject too ‘controversial’ or ‘sensitive’ to be spoken about in many homes, schools and communities. Unfortunately this stigma and silence provides fertile ground for myths and misinformation to grow. The internet is awash with false information and distressing images of abortion, and anti-abortion organisations run ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ which mislead and frighten women in an attempt to persuade them not to end their pregnancies.

Many people are shocked to discover that these same groups are also invited to speak in schools across the country. Unfortunately the anti-choice movement in the UK continues to use misinformation to promote its point of view. Young people are being told that abortion may increase their risk of getting cancer or of becoming infertile. They are told that contraception ‘is wrong and threatens health’. These groups have substantial funds to deliver such work - SPUC has an annual turnover of over £1.7 million and Life recently received £300,000 of Big Lottery Funding.

We’re here to speak out against this misinformation and stigmatisation of a choice that half of pregnant teenagers will make. We advocate for young people’s right to evidence-based, impartial information on their pregnancy options, and provide training and resources to enable professionals to help young people making tough decisions about pregnancy. We know we have support from a wide range of parents, teachers and health professionals. But we need donations to ensure that this work can be carried out; so that EFC can continue to be the small project which, according to our charity patron Polly Toynbee, ‘packs a big punch’.

Help us continue our work with the media, professionals and policy-makers to ensure that young people’s right to reliable information on pregnancy and abortion remains on the agenda:

•    Become a pro-choice pal and make a small regular donation
•    Volunteer, and raise awareness of EFC’s work and resources as a Champion For Choice
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 Our donors say:
“Without Education for Choice too many young women wouldn't know where to turn when faced with a crisis pregnancy.  Keep up the excellent work!”
“A small regular donation because you shout loudly when often I just don't seem to have the time or energy to add my voice - thank you.”
"Keep doing what you do. Young people need evidence based education about sex & pregnancy."