Monday 9 August 2010

Myth-Busting Monday: Do all religions oppose abortion?

Every Monday EFC busts myths and takes names, cutting through the misinformation, disinformation, and straight up nonsense to bring you the facts.

Only the Catholic Church and some evangelical Christian churches oppose abortion in all circumstances. Most religions allow for some circumstances under which an abortion might be acceptable, for example to save a woman’s life.  Many religions, including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and the Church of England, arguably allow for abortion under some circumstances – some stricter than others. Many other religions and ethical systems, for example humanism, believe that the women herself is the only person who can weigh up her beliefs and circumstances to come to the right decision.  Despite religious doctrines, religious individuals also vary widely in their beliefs.  For example, Catholics for Choice is an organisation for Roman Catholics who are pro-contraception and pro-choice, despite the teachings of the Church.  For more on religion and abortion, visit the EFC website.

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