Thursday 20 January 2011


Education For Choice is calling on supporters and friends old and new to help support our young people’s work. We need to raise £20,000 urgently to ensure our education work continues past February.

Why support Education For Choice?
Because we are the only UK charity dedicated solely to ensuring young people have accurate information and education on abortion.

What does Education For Choice want?
We call for:
All young people to have accurate information about abortion and impartial support with pregnancy decision-making whoever they are and wherever they are
An end to the lies and misinformation young people are given about abortion

What does Education For Choice do?
Runs abortion education workshops in schools and youth groups
Provides accurate, evidence-based resources for young people and professionals about pregnancy decision-making and abortion
Trains nurses, teachers, youth workers and social workers to inform young people about abortion and to give them impartial support with pregnancy decision-making
Campaigns for young people to get the education and support they need and want

How do you know it is needed?
1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime
40,000 teenagers get pregnant each year and 20,000 of them have abortions
A survey of 20,000 young people carried out by the Youth Parliament in 2008 found that many had received little or no information about pregnancy in school
3 different pieces of research carried out in the UK in the past 6 years include recommendations for young people to have access to more evidence-based discussion of pregnancy decision-making and abortion (1) (2) (3)
No other organisation provides teachers with an alternative to anti abortion speakers in schools who often give misinformation, using bad science and emotive or gory images to make their point

Who should care?
Anyone who thinks young people have a right to learn about their bodies and health
Anyone who cares about giving accurate, evidence-based and scientific information to young people

What can you do?
Make a donation to EFC and pass on this blog to someone else you think will care

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