Monday 23 May 2011

‘Abortion: The Facts’ – A film by young people, for young people

Last week saw the final meeting of the first EFC Youth Advisory Group. Sob. Thanks so much to Kiki, Ruth, Rosa, Rachael, Sam and Zalika for being involved and making it such a success. As well as attending events and focus groups on behalf of EFC the group worked hard to produce this short film to give other young people the facts about abortion. Please watch 'Abortion: The Facts' (below and also on our YouTube page) and let us know what you think – and do pass it on to any young people/educators who might be interested! Some closing comments from the YAG follow...

Kiki: We went to an exhibition concerning sexual health at City Hall where we got freebies, leaflets and met sexual health organisations. We also created a film of some of the facts about abortion to dispel the myths around the topic. The production was good fun as we collaborated ideas and did audio snippets.

Rachael: During my time at EFC I was introduced to the different views as well as facts of abortion. Personally I feel that I have learnt valuable information not only for myself but also family and friends. By contributing to the creation of our video: ‘The Facts About Abortion’ I have learnt how important it is to encourage young people to think about the subject.

Ruth: The film project came about after us noticing the lack of decent information about abortion online – particularly in video form. YouTube is populated with sometimes misleading anti-abortion videos. Young people deserve to have the facts to make an informed choice and they need to know their rights. What I found particularly interesting when making the video was the common theme of the lack of sex education in schools which addresses abortion. Perhaps our video can help to fill this gap and even prompt a discussion about how limited sex education is in UK schools. I’d like to share the film with anyone and everyone!

Rosa: From my time at EFC, I have learnt a lot. I was one of the many without a knowledge surrounding abortion that I should have got from school. I found that a lot of things I took as truths were not at all, and I have felt better within myself and feel that my autonomy has grown as a result. The making of the film was largely good fun, at times difficult, but with a strong group around us we could always find a way to laugh whilst we worked. I’m proud of the film but I can’t help but feel sad it’s all over. This is a fantastic organisation and I have loved being involved.

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