Monday 23 January 2012

January Sales at EFC


Resources to help your work
EFC has just produced some factsheets to promote better understanding of female fertility. Written and illustrated by the brilliant Bish Training the leaflets help to untangle complicated information about when a woman is and isn’t fertile, emphasising the need to use contraception every time you have sex. 50 for £15 inc p+p, email laura(at) to place an order.

*Special  New Year Offer*
The whole EFC kit and caboodle.  One of everything from our resource collection listed below for just £50.00 inc p+p 
All of these are also available individually (at list price) 
1.    Unexpecting DVD for group work: exploring two young women’s experiences of making a decision about unplanned pregnancy £17
2.       Resource for teaching about pregnancy decision-making and abortion in SRE, RE, General Studies. Abortion: Decisions and Dilemmas £20
3.       Abortion education toolkit: to support your group work £4.50
4.       Supporting pregnancy decision-making toolkit: to support your one to one work £4.50
5.       Pregnant: What Now decision-making workbook: to support your one to one work £5 (min order x2)
6.       Religion Factsheet 10 for £6.00
7.       FAQs: young people’s questions about abortion answered 10 for £6.00
8.       Abortion fact postcards 50 for £7.50 
9.       All *new* Fertility leaflet 50 for £15
*Book Now for 10% reduction *
Training for professionals in your area – Abortion: Decisions and Dilemmas 
‘Fantastic delivery. Unbiased approach.  Great resources, employed techniques for effective teaching.’ EFC training participant
10% saving for bookings made before February 3rd 2012
email laura(at)

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